ramfs questions

From: iehrenwald@earthlink.net
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 19:12:03 EST

ramfs works pretty well for me. I have a few questions though:

How come ramfs doesn't show up in df? I see shm in df and that's a
virtual filesystem too, correct?

When I du in the ramfs's mountpoint all the file sizes are 0, including
the total. Bug? Feature?

Is there a way to restrict the amount of RAM that ramfs will eat? I like
having the ability to grow/shrink the virtual filesystem as needed but I
think that you should be able to tell the module the max RAM to use.
Couldn't this be turned into a DoS? Well, I guess the attacker would have
to have the correct perms. I'm no C master so forgive me if any of this
sounds dumb.

Thanks in advance.

                Ian Ehrenwald

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