New Memory Test Suite v0.0.1

From: Juan J. Quintela (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 18:31:39 EST

        I have just released a collection of programs for testing
(stressing) the memory system. Just now the suite is very small, but
if you send your tests, we can obtain a very good testing suite for
the Linux kernel memory system. I have attached the announcement of
the memory test suite.

Later, Juan.

Memory test suite v0.0.1

This is the first version.

This intends to be a set of programs to test the memory management
system. I am releasing this version with the idea of gather more
programs for the suite. If you have some program to test the system,
please send it to me (

If you found values/combinations of tests for what the system
crash/Oops/whatever please report it to me. Then I can include it in
the tests and the people who tune the MM system can test it next time.

Any comments/suggestions/code are welcome.

Thanks for your time,
        Juan Quintela

The home of this package is:

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