[SUCCESS STORY] Re: IDE/PIIX: Trouble with DMA - OOPS without

From: Sasi Peter (sape@iq.rulez.org)
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 17:29:10 EST


After reading this, I realized, that this reads to be some kind of a
success story for low-budget file serving, so I CC it here... ;)

On Wed, 26 Apr 2000, Mike Porter wrote:

> I should amend that statement: gotten udma to work without doing
> something "special". In my case, using an 80 wire cable allows
> udma/33 to work.

Then I am the fortunate one. It just works with WD and 40 wire cable
flawlessly w/ PIIX4. About the load: fileserving MPEG movies, ~160 PCs
connected through samba, ~80 through NFS in the rush ours, bandwidth is
still only limited by the other end's network (10Mbps w/ large collision

Still it takes only ~72 hours for the ethernet interface to have
reach 1TByte in TX... (must add that I actually have 4 drives in software
RAID, the other two, not mentioned beforehand are also WD's, and to top it
all, I use the other two in UDMA66!

What else is in the box to enable this: ABIT BH6 256M RAM, disks and
controllers as above, Celeron 400 (Slot1 w/o OC) es1370, matrox G200,
Digital DE500 eth.

I can still effectivelly also use X w/ gnome, netscape, XMMS, vmware
(!) (though only moderate speed with this(problem must be that it turs
the eth. into promisc.)) etc.

load average: ~5-6.

> > Could be, I own an ABIT BH6 and WD and Samsung drives.
> I've heard bad things about the Western Digitals. Apparently they
> don't send the CRC, so you could possibly see data corruption.

Either I do not have it, or it is invisible to me... The movies and mp3s
are sound...

> Have you been to http://www.linux-ide.org/ yet?

Not before you called my attention, but now I have an updated hdparm... ;)

-- SaPE

Peter, Sasi <sape@sch.hu>

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