Re: System hangs when reading or writing many or large files

From: ralf willenbacher (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 19:03:28 EST

"Juan J. Quintela" wrote:

> I get here similar Oops. They happened after a BUG in
> page_alloc.c. Is that your case also? I am very interested in
> knowing the answer. Are you using a pre6-x, x<6? In the case
> that your Oops are very easily reproducible, could you try this
> small patch and tell me if it solves the problem. It solves the
> problem here, (yes I know that it is not the proper solution,
> but I am interested in knowing if it solves your problems also).
> Thanks, Juan.

<some testing done>
works when /tmp is no ramdisk (sigh)
very lagy of course :>

ralf willenbacher (

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