Mac/PPC Power Controller "Server Mode"

From: Mike Hudson (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 15:35:17 EST


    I'd like to implement the 'Server Mode' offered on the Mac/PPC platform (Cuda IC), however I would like to offer the option for users to toggle this on and off. I can add the code to the startup routines (which is great for my uses), however I'd like to make this into a kernel compile-time option, or (ideally) a run-time option.

    Since all mac's use soft power, a special 'server mode' is required for the mac to reboot if the AC power hiccups, or if a shutdown is needed during an extended AC outage (signalled by UPS). If I don't enable it, any power hiccup will kill the system, or (worse) if the system has to shutdown due to lack of AC, it will not boot when AC is returned. I currently boot into macos to set this through a mac utility, however this is clearly not the most elegant way.

    Would someone be kind enough to point out how exactly I'd add a compile-time option to the kenel and/or allow this option to be toggled without rebooting the kernel?

Mike Hudson

P.S. I don't anticipate this code to be very long, just 1 call to cuda_request in via-cuda.c & a few changed in inc/asm-ppc/cuda.h

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