Re: [PATCH-TEST] Restore O_SYNC Functionality

From: Peter Rival (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 15:27:35 EST

Bill Wendling wrote:

> Here is a test patch to try to "restore O_SYNC functionality". It's
> really simple. It simply forces a write for each block instead of placing
> the blocks into the buffer.
> Any feedback would be appreciated.

I think I did about the same a while ago - it definitely makes the "blinky
light" feel more correct. However, as I was reminded (and rightly so) we
also have to take into account O_DSYNC as well as proper fsync() and
fdatasync(). Nobody told me this was wrong back then, so I don't know if
<whomever> thought there was a "better way" or if they were just waiting for
the rest to be solved. *shrug* I had completely forgotten about this...

 - Pete

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