Re: /proc/net/arp silliness

From: Olaf Titz (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 09:50:58 EST

> char buf[SQUIGGLE];
> printk("%s", inet_ntoa(buf, in_addr));

This is one example which could actually benefit greatly from
alloca(), even though purists will hate me for that :-)

extern char *__inet_ntoa(char *buf, __u32 x); /* returns buf */
#define inet_ntoa(x) __inet_ntoa(__builtin_alloca(16), (x))

would solve the reentrance problem. (I have no idea if this is allowed
in the kernel and if not, why.)

> The canonical, definitive, best way to do this is within printk()
> itself, with a one-level recursive call to sprintf() from within
> vsprintf().

Looks like this could be done more efficiently though.

> printk("IP address is %lu\001 on Tuesdays\n", in_addr);
> Then you teach vsprintf to recognise '%lu\001' as a conversion for ipv4
> addresses. This will satisfy (and indeed leverage) gcc's arg checking.

Unfortunately this can't be expanded to other address families. IPv6
needs an address printing routine even more.


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