Re: [PATCH] Generic dead function optimisation

From: Alan Modra (
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 20:16:49 EST

On Wed, 26 Apr 2000, Graham Stoney wrote:

> Yes; makes it backwards compatible, but harder to ensure that it's kicking in.
> Mind you, since I have to use KEEP in the .lds files, which was introduced to
> help with --gc-sections, I don't know if the patch will work for folks with
> very old (i.e. pre --gc-sections) binutils.

Richard Henderson added KEEP mid 1998.

> > Interesting that 'ld --gc-sections' takes about 15x longer than normal.
> I haven't delved into this, but on PowerPC it takes no longer than normal, and
> links in under a second. I think what you're seeing is platform specific.
> Certainly we'd need to keep the x86 folks happy though, so we'd need to sort
> this out.

I'm really curious about this. ppc uses the same orphan processing as
x86, ie. ld/emultemp/elf32.em, so both architectures should show the same
slowdown. I wonder what's different.

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