SO_SNDTIMEO,SO_RCVTIMEO is Linux Kernel Support?

From: Mr.Aphirak Jansang (
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 11:40:41 EST

Sorry. If this mail is not relating to your mailling list.. I try to
search many ways to stop my defunct process.. It 's happend when I
open daemon for service another process that is on another machine
with socket programming. And when it accepted connection, and anther
process has close connection before it finish read.. Then this
process is state Defunc .
How I can resolve it, I serch in the Network Programming Boook of
W.Richard Stevens. It tell me the Flag that can set option of
SOL_SOCKET , but I try with linux,(setsockopt) interface... But It
could not do...

How I can solve this problem?

-- Mr.Aphirak Jansang<Computer Engineering>, on

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