Re: Debugging kernel over serial console?

From: Riley Williams (
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 03:18:08 EST

Hi Rik.

>> We're doing a port of both 2.0.30 and 2.2.14 to a, um,
>> less-than-compliant PPC. We're seeing Linux go out to
>> lunch after about 3 weeks or so of operation. I talk to
>> a terminal server that talks to the Linux box through
>> the serial port, so the usual way of doing things with
>> shift/scroll-lock won't work. Anyone have an idea as to
>> how I can debug this box? TIA :)

> A good solution might be to have the various sysrq things
> available from files in /proc/, drivers/char/sysrq.c is
> the file you want to look at.

> Of course this no longer helps you after things have
> crashed, so maybe we want an alternate key combination
> to get at the sysrq info over serial console??

How about making use of the so-called "break key" that can be
sent over the serial link by just about any terminal emulator?
When one is using a serial combination, the first character
after receipt of such is taken as being a SysRq code and acted
on as if pressed with SysRq.

Best wishes from Riley.

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