Re: Linux Jobs as of 2.3.99pre6-5

From: David Ford (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 19:42:05 EST

Alan Cox wrote:

> [Folks please check this for missing stuff and missed fixes]
> Fixed
> -----
> Tulip hang on rmmod (fixed in .51 ?)

definitely not fixed. modprobe/rmmod w/ a sleep inbetween causes an oops on
the second cycle.

> via rhine oopses under load ?

i can check this again when i return home.

> To Do
> -----

> PCMCIA/Cardbus hangs, IRQ problems, Keyboard/mouse problem (may be fixed ?)

sadly not fixed. hangs, oopses, irq, keyboard, mouse, all still faulty in

> Use PCI DMA by default in IDE is unsafe (must not do so on via VPx x<3)

more information on this. dma by default is ok in pre6-3 BUT do not turn on
PIIX tuning.

> Use PCI DMA 'lost interrupt' problem with some hw [which ?]

NEC versa LX laptop w/ 82443BX/ZX host bridge, 82371AB PIIX4 IDE interface.

> Loopback fs hangs

:( yup. guaranteed, brings down the whole system in short order.

> Problems with ip autoconfig according to Zaitcev

hmm. what problems? autoconfig on boot?

> To Do But Non Showstopper
> -------------------------
> Make syncppp use new ppp code
> Finish 64bit vfs merges (lockf64 and friends missing)
> NCR5380 isnt smp safe
> DMFE is not SMP safe
> ACPI hangs on boot for some systems
> Go through as 2.4pre kicks in and figure what we should mark obsolete for
> the final 2.4
> Per Process rtsigio limit
> Fix SPX socket code
> Boot hangs on a range of Dell docking stations (Latitude)
> HFS is still broken
> iget abuse in knfsd
> Paride seems to need fixes for the block changes yet
> Some people report 2.3.x serial problems
> AIC7xxx doesnt work non PCI ?
> USB hangs on APM suspend on some machines
> PCMCIA crashes on unloading pci_socket

crash is not just pcmcia system, it kills the whole machine with oopses until
it's dead dead dead.

> To Check
> --------
> ACPI/APM suspend issue

got an odd one here. if i run just APM, i lose the backlight and display on my
laptop once it idles, can't get it back no matter what is done. machine is
still running otherwise. if i run just acpi it's fine. if i run acpi w/ acpid
none of the power savings features happen. also, pcmcia doesn't power down
when the system is put into suspend (lid closed or otherwise).


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