ASUS K7V- a nice motherboard, is it linux compatible? (It has the Via Apollo Pro KX133 Chipset)

From: Dan Browning (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 15:52:52 EST

Speculation is flying on what mobo to get for the K7 Athlon platform.

Asus recently released the K7V
( which is
based off the VIA Apollo Pro KX133 Chipset
(, and has a lot of fancy
whiz-bang features. Via's site is silent regarding linux compatibility.
How well does Linux run on this board? Namely in areas such as stability,
speed, and features support.

Does kernel 2.2.x run it? What about 2.3.x?

The linux sites I frequent had some good commentary on the the Asus K7M, but
it runs the older AMD-750 chipset. Largely they were silent regarding the
K7V, so I was hoping someone out there had some words to share.


Dan Browning
Network Administrator
Cyclone Computer Systems

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