Read/Write locks that can be changed into each other?

From: Henrik Theiling (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 15:13:36 EST


Somewhere I read that it would be no problem to add read-locks that
can be upgraded to write-locks. I'd like to have such locks. I'd
also like to use the other direction.

In an interrupt, I have the following situation:
   a) read a register, possibly decide to leave interrupt, if not,
   b) write some registers, and then
   c) some lengthy reading and checking of some registers.

Currently, I use spin-locks and only lock part b), because a) is
atomic and cannot be disturbed by another write. But c) might not
like writing, I have to think about that thouroughly. However, it is
quiet a lengthy checking procedure in an interrupt that occurs
periodically every 1.333ms (on a sound card). I'd really like to
unlock as early as possible. Using a write->read lock demotion would
be perfect.

So the thing that would be nice is a read-lock that can be promoted to
be a write-lock and then demoted again to be a read-lock before
unlocking completely.


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