Re: "movb" for spin-unlock (was Re: namei() query)

From: Ville Herva (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 13:38:57 EST

On Mon, Apr 24, 2000 at 12:09:28PM -0500, you [Oliver Xymoron] claimed:
> On Mon, 24 Apr 2000, Tigran Aivazian wrote:
> > hmmm, ok, if someone wants to try the microcode idea - I will put the
> > latest Intel Microcode chunk (as a maintainer of P6 microcode update
> > driver for Linux I receive updates from Intel directly) on the web and
> > let you guys know.
> Probably not necessary. The only test results that suggest there's a
> problem were invalid (a thinko on my part). The manfred.c I posted should
> break on _all_ dual x86 systems. I've got a dozen confirmations for my new
> test, but I'm still waiting for some early PPro stepping results (still
> need 1, 2, and 6).

This may be stupid question, but do microcode updates increment the
reported stepping value?

-- v --

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