SCSI media changer support?

From: Matt Nelson (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 12:32:11 EST

I have an Exabyte EZ-17/M2 autoloader, and am looking for pointers to get
it working with 2.2.14. This is one of those devices with two SCSI
devices in one - one for the drive, and one for the changer robot. I have
seen reference to the "sch" scsi changer device, but this doesn't seem to
exist on my system (either in /dev/ or in drivers/scsi). So, some quick

- Where can I find a patch for 2.2.14 (15?) to add sch support?
- Is "sch" support going to be included in the mainline 2.4 kernel?
- Is there another way that I am overlooking?



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