Re: 2.2.15pre16 total freeze

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Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 02:29:12 EST

On Sun, 23 Apr 2000, Pekka Savola wrote:

> Hello all,
> I was using 2.2.15pre16 with following patches:
> freeswan-1.3 [not in use atm however]
> i2c-2.5.0
> lm_sensors-2.5.0
> Suddenly, the server froze completely. Keyboard didn't respond, it
> respond to pings, etc. No error messages were omitted. Nothing special
> (that I know of) was running at the time of the freeze. After resetting,
> everything seemed to work fine.
> Anyone suffered from anything similar?

I've had a similar problem, but this was on 2.2.13 after a dma channel
locked on the second IDE hard drive. Also, that happened
after 44days of
uptime, so I'm not overly concerned. Though, there was no error messages
on the console itself, it was logged in /var/log/messages as a dma channel
Apr 16 01:36:52 dos kernel: hdb: timeout waiting for DMA
Apr 16 01:36:52 dos kernel: hdb: irq timeout: status=0x58 { DriveReady
SeekComp$Apr 16 01:36:52 dos kernel: hda: DMA disabled
Apr 16 01:36:52 dos kernel: hdb: DMA disabled
Apr 16 01:36:52 dos kernel: ide0: reset: success
I'm not sure if that would help you or anything, but I thought I would
pass that along. Also, I'm compiling a new kernel for the system tonight,
so there is no need to address the error, considering that it's an older
440TX board (and after I get the new kernel running, well see what
Dan Johnson

Version: 3.12

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