Re: VIA-Rhine problems in 2.3.99-pre5

From: Jean-Luc Pedneault (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 00:16:56 EST

> I'm having problems with the VIA-Rhine network driver
> under 2.3.99-pre5 (it works in the 2.2 series kernels).
> I've tried it with both module and compiled in.
> Below is what I get (and no communications on the
> network):

My via-rhine doesn't work too in 2.3.99-pre5, if I use GCC 2.95.2. I know
there has been a patch to make it work (because of GCC 2.95.2's error),
but a quick fix hasn't been added there yet. I know it resolves around a
variable that is somewhat lost if you don't refer it earlier (so I guess
2.95.2's optimizations are broken; compiling via-rhine with -O or without
-O or -O2 could help).

GCC 2.95.2 is the standard compiler in Debian potato, and will probably
be the standard compiler with every upcoming distros (unless there's a gcc
2.95.3 or something, or maybe gcc 3.0).

egcs-1.1.2 is rock solid for any other app.

Still, my 2.2.14 kernel has been compiled under GCC 2.95.2 and no problem
there (I would get some random X crashes with RedHat; but none yet in
Debian. I can't really explain).

Maybe pre6-pre5 works?


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