Re: Open by inode (was Re: your mail)

From: Jamie Lokier (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 09:17:21 EST wrote:
> My patch is for ext2 only. It adds a new ext2 attribute meaning "this
> is an open-by-inode directory". So you create .inode in a filesystem,
> chattr it, and then .inode/<number> refers to a specific inode in that
> filesystem.
> Linus hates the ability to do this, despite the calls from some
> application programs to be able to be able to do iopen(). I've
> sometimes been tempted to do something like this, but I suspect Linus
> and/or Al Viro would burn an image of me in effigy. :-)

Well, it's not really any business of the VFS or the kernel. It's just
part of the filesystem's namespace. So the ext2 maintainer should be
making these decisions not Linus or Al Viro ;-)

> Note that the ability to set the "open-by-inode" attribute had better be
> allowed only by root

Of course.

-- Jamie

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