From: Daniel J Blueman (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 05:26:17 EST

Hi Manish,

> I have worked on NDIS but I am new to Linux. I am writing a device driver
> for my ethernet card. Can u please help in providing the answer to few
> questions. I'll be really thankfull .
> 0) If my adapter is idle then , does the system ( apm bios/ apm driver)
> takes care of it to bring it into standby/suspend state or my driver has
> do something ?
> 1) How my driver is going to comunicate with BIOS , i mean what are the
> entry points so that APM feature can be implemented.
> Please give me few pointers towards the solution of this problem. I am
> really confused with it.

I'm new to ACPI, but here's what I've seen (IMHO):

Linux 2.3 supports ACPI. Your driver needs to register with ACPI.
The Linux PCI subsystem provides calls to your driver to activate some
power-management mode (D0 - D3) on the boards you control. Check out the
ACPI source code....

- Dan
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