From: Georgios Kossionis (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 01:11:10 EST

Hello linux kernel hackers,

I recently installed RedHat 6.2 beta version where i tried to install the EPSO
STYLUS COLOR 860 printer but with no good result. I made use of all the epson
printer filters one by one but i did not had a lack.

To help you about the parallel port configuration in the kernel i chosse the


        Parallel port Support (Yes)
        PC Style Hardware (Module)


        Parallel printer support (Module)

In the BIOS the parallel port is set at interupt 237/5 @ SPP.

Moreover, i used all the BIOS combination for the configuration of the parallel
port and i had again no lack.

Using the printtool program when i tried to print a test page it had a respond
that the page was succesfully printed (!), but the printer did not repsond
again. Looking quickly after the command to print a test page at the lpq the
job was active but after some time it goes off (about 6 secs).

Also i used XW Tools for the printer but i also i did not have lack.

Finnaly, the printer is new, it is running perfectly on WINDOWS ( 8-( ) and the
parallel port is also looking good.

I would be grateful to you if you can give me a hand on the above problem,

Thank you in advance,

Georgios Kossionis
MSC Computer Networks and Communications
University of Westminster

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