Re: 2.3.51 tulip broken

From: Blu3Viper (
Date: Sun Mar 19 2000 - 20:31:07 EST

On 17 Mar 2000, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> >The pcmcia issues I have (at the moment) are OOPSes from
> >insertion/removal and loss of keyboard/mouse. I do have some activation
> >issues from suspend but I'll address those once I can get my laptop to
> >stop crashing from card insertion/removal.
> I'll pipe up and say this one more time:
> - if you don't want to debug PCMCIA module loading, do not compile the
> PCMCIA code as modules!
> It's known to be broken. I left the module option in, because I hoped
> somebody would actually want to debug it. Nobody seems to want to do
> that, so I'll probably just remove the option, and force people to
> either compile it into the kernel or use the completely stand-alone
> PCMCIA support.
> The keyboard/mouse loss should be fixed in the pre-2.4 tree.
> Linus

I'll say it again too :P

The OOPSes happen either modular or in core. Hard lockup happens with either
modular or in core. And FWIW, the previous tulip_cb was only available as a

I'm gearing up to test all my pcmcia cards again with the most recent
2.3.99-pre2-5 and shm patch. I've been on the road all week and the weekend
is mine...what's left of it.


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