Re: 2.4.x jobs (updated)

From: Jeff Garzik (
Date: Sat Mar 18 2000 - 19:23:33 EST

Alan Cox wrote:
> Fixed
> -----
> Tulip hang on rmmod (fixed in .51 ?)

Also just fixed a high latency problem due to partial PCI DMA
implementation. This is now fixed in 2.3.99-pre1-pre5, with two small
buglets caught by Alexey headed to Linus very soon.

> In Progress
> -----------
> Merge the network fixes (DaveM)
> Merge 2.2.15 changes (Alan)
> Get RAID 0.90 in (Ingo)

Merge the 2.2.x network driver fixes (jgarzik, alan?, and others)
Andrey Savochin already covered eepro100 I think

> To Do But Non Showstopper
> -------------------------
> NCR5380 isnt smp safe
> DMFE is not SMP safe

shit, so are many others :)

> ACPI hangs on boot for some systems

Need info! Andy Henroid was begging for info too.

> Get the Emu10K merged

What needs to be done here?

> via rhine oopses under load (softnet ?)

Should be fixed, in pre1-pre5, please let me know differently.

via-rhine needs more stuff from becker's driver merged, maybe I have
convinced Urban Widmark(sp?) to do it, I merge and fix if not...

> To Check
> --------
> Finish softnet driver port over and cleanups

(jgarzik and others)

Mainly cleanups needed at this stage. Some of my initial logic still
needs cleaning up

> Fix all remaining PCI code to use new resources and enable_Device

on my hitlist, but it's a big big job...

also on my hitlist are the remaining pcibios_xxx calls, which are
implementing with a very slooooow compat function (calls pci_find_slot
for each call)

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