Re: 2.2.15pre14 crash

Date: Fri Mar 17 2000 - 07:24:50 EST

> 2.2.15pre14 (compiled with gcc crashed hard today. It had been up
> 4 days and 16 hours. The distribution is debian potato (up to date).
> Hardware is Intel PII 333Mhz with 192MB of RAM and 2x9GB U2W-LVD IBM-disks
> on a Tekram U2W-adapter (sym53c895) and 2x6,5GB IDE Disks and a IDE-CDROM.
> System has 3Com 3c59x ethernet-card.
> Crash occurred a moment after mounting a CD with a Joliet filesystem and
> starting to read a html-file from the cd using Lynx.
> Nothing on the logs about the reason for the crash.
> I saw something like 'cannot kill idle task' and 'kernel panic' on the
> screen before it froze completely. had to cycle the power.
> This system was very stable (hundreds of days of uptime with
> 2.2.10) before the 2.2.15pre14 kernel (at the same time when the kernel
> was upgraded, we added those SCSI-devices).
> This system is running Apache, Squid, Qmail, Leafnode and things like
> that.. not very loaded, but in use all the time.

I just had a moderately-loaded mail server / firewall crash running
2.2.15pre14 as well. Unfortunately I was out of the office at the time
and the watchdog caught it, so by the time I was able to check on it
all that was left was this in syslog:

Mar 16 15:53:38 csl3 kernel: Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer
dereference at virtual address 00000004
Mar 16 15:53:38 csl3 kernel: current->tss.cr3 = 031d1000, %cr3 =
Mar 16 15:53:38 csl3 kernel: *pde = 00000000

This is one of eight boxes I have running 2.2.15pre14; they're all
generally similar in hardware configuration except for one that's a
notebook, and they've all been running without visible problems for the
past six days except for this one crash.

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