Re: 2.3.99pre1, ide-scsi, scsi, modules

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Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 11:33:19 EST

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> In article <> you
> > Matt-
> > Try the enclosed patch. It corrects two issues, actually - it
> > fixes the one whereby the dependency isn't right for ide-scsi, and it
> > should correct the issue of using USB compiled into the kernel and
> > support is turned off (because the SCSI entrypoints for modules aren't
> > built if modules are turned off).
> Ehh... Isn't the ide-scsi question asked before the SCSI question?
> (It was so a year a go, and the only way to "solve" this, was by
> adding a #warning / #error to it, you should be able to find it in the
> code)

    Yes and no. If you are using menuconfig or xconfig then it isn't a huge
problem as you are not required to navigate the thing in any particular
order. If you are running the vanilla configure script then yes, you are

> Forward-dependencies ARE a big problem for the current system,
> and the only way to solve them (this is not the only one) is to add a
> pass to the config scripts. (It can be done, my patch just didn't make it
> into the kernel).

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