possible kernel problem

From: Kissandrakis Giorgos (kissand@phaistosnetworks.gr)
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 06:02:27 EST

I have to report a possible kernel bug on version 2.3.45 about the
driver aic7xxx,
I have AHA 2940 U2W and an 18.3G WD scsi LVD and 9.1G WD LVD
the scsi controller with the disks and the bus installed on a 2.2.12
kernel linux PC
works properly (mkfs copy rm etc etc)
the same controller with the same disks and the same bus on a 2.3.45
kernel linux PC
on the boot displays this error 3 times with three differnent
sg_addresses for the 18G disk

invalid cur_addr:0x1fdffa4 during WIDE_RESIDUE
sg_address:[-1]:0x1fd15c0 sg_lenght[-1]:255
sg_address:0x0 sg_lenght:0

when trying mkfs the disk or copy or anything it "times out" i can do nothing but hard reset

i downgraded the kernel from 2.3.45 to 2.2.12 on the same PC and the 18G disk works properly

I have tried this with different motherboards differend AHA2940 with different memories/cpu/bus

i have tried this on several PCies i have tested it with different jumper setup on the disk

the conclution is the same. 2.2.12 works fine 2.3.45 does NOT work fine

Thank you for you time

Kissandrakis S. George
Network and System Administrator
Phaistos Networks S.A - http://www.phaistosnetworks.gr


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