Re: NFS probs w/ NetApp

From: Pete Wyckoff (
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 17:29:42 EST said:
> I assume the first timeout is simply due to the read request getting
> lost - could be n/w or server probs. Correct?


> But the second retry at 18:14:44.200164 looks odd because the read
> seems to have been satisfied.

First fragment 1480@0+ is missing.

> - How does one enable the 'chatty' mode on the client so we get some
> syslog output?

It's already chatty by default. This just gives you RPC error, and
"server not responding" messages.

> - Why are these retries only coming out after 2.8 seconds, when the
> 'timeo' option was set to 1.4 seconds?

The first is 2.8, but the second was 1.4. You could enable rpc_debug in
net/sunrpc/sysctl.c if you want to see everything to figure out why this

                -- Pete

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