Re: (reiserfs) Re: reiserfs and knfsd and NFSv4 and volatile file handles

From: Lutz Vieweg (
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 07:15:00 EST

Olaf Kirch wrote:

> 6. It may not hurt much if reiserfs is aiming just at NFSv3
> and ignores NFSv2 completely. Exporting a modern file
> system over 1980s technology is quite a bad match.

Well spoken!

We do use reiserfs on several productive server systems, and I'd
say once you are convinced by its advantages, you wouldn't like
to see it crippled just to support some ancient technology.

There is a price to pay for progress, and in this case it is
very well worth it.


Lutz Vieweg

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