Re: fcntl(2) and other file systems like XFS

From: Jim Mostek (
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 14:12:32 EST

OK. I guess we will use the ioctl interface. Seems ugly, but it works.
We will need to deal with the issue of apps invoking ioctls (thinking they
are using a device) and potentially hitting these file operations.



>Jim Mostek wrote:
>> I don't think ioctl(2) should be used for regular files.
>> >From man ioctl(2) on Linux.
>> ENOTTY d is not associated with a character special device.
>However, ioctl(2) _is_ used for regular files with ext2.
>It's already a bit broken -- you can't use those ext2 ioctls
>on devices because the open device gets the ioctl instead. Ugly isn't it?
>-- Jamie

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