Re: fcntl(2) and other file systems like XFS

From: David Howells (
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 04:03:10 EST

I had a look at the Solaris manual page for fcntl, and I saw that at least one
of those supported by XFS is also supported by Solaris (F_FREESP). I also
looked at the Solaris manual page for ioctl, and they seem to think that the
fcntl call should be used for manipulating the object viewed as a filesystem
file, and ioctl manipulating it as an I/O stream.

Since fcntl can take multiple arguments, would something like the following be
a reasonable idea?:


Thus F_FSCTL would be a "file-system specific control function", the third
argument would be the name of the filesystem it's intended for, and the extra
arguments say what the control function actually is.

Or, if passing extra parameters like this is too much trouble for the kernel
syscall interface, then the following may be a reasonable alternative:

        struct fsctl {
                const char *f_fsname;
                int f_operation;
                void *f_data;

        struct fsctl f = { "xfs", XFS_DO_SOMETHING, &data };


What do you think?
David Howells

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