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From: Dunlap, Randy (
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 11:23:35 EST

Hi Mike,

I haven't looked at it and I don't recall seeing
any email from anyone else on the linux-usb
mailing list who has looked at DevFS.

I don't disagree with your (guesstimate) evaluation
of USB and DevFS.

> Anyone even know what the USB hierarchy in the
> DevFS namespace should look like?

I'm no expert (or even User yet) on DevFS.
My guess is simply /dev/usb/something.
Where would I look for some examples of other
in linux/Documentation/filesystems/devfs/mk-devlinks
or ...................................../README ?

I'm interested in your feedback and help on this.

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> Subject: [linux-usb] DevFS and USB...
> Hello all,
> I just got involved in USB a few months ago (mostly for a camera
> memory interface) and am now in love with it. The fact that
> I can resolve
> a lot of interrupt conflicts and problems with running out of
> interrupts
> just by moving stuff to USB is wonderful. Skeptical at first, I'm
> now finding that it's solving a number of problems (like add on serial
> interfaces, parallel interfaces, multiple mice, and tablets).
> Considering that DevFS is now in the 2.3 kernels and is likely
> to be a fixture in the 2.4 kernels and USB is becoming quite popular,
> is anyone looking at DevFS support in USB? Given the comings
> and goings
> of devices and drivers and what not in USB, I would guess that DevFS
> support is going to involve more that a little bit of work (reasonably
> straight forward, just a lot of it).
> I just got done adding DevFS support to the Computone Multiport
> drivers and someone remarked to me that now that DevFS in in
> the kernel
> sources we are now cleaning up some loose ends (referring to
> the Computone
> Drivers as one such loose end). Seems to me like USB is a
> whole ball of
> loose ends for DevFS. Anyone even know what the USB hierarchy in the
> DevFS namespace should look like?
> Mike
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