Re: Has anyone gotten the ORB USB drive working with the 2.3 kernel,yet?

From: Miles Lane (
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 11:03:50 EST

Andre Hedrick wrote:
> OBS or Castlewood has no interest in Linux.........
> I live about 20 minutes from their HQ, and they would not even loan
> product, much less give, for testing and certification.........
> Skip them is a place to spend you money, until they become "friendly" ..


Did they never send you a USB drive to test with?
Would you try contacting them again?


Would it help if I loaned you my ORB drive?

Any pointers on getting USB storage set up would be
greatly appreciated. Currently, I really don't know
where to start. I have looked at the
linux/Documentation/usb files, but I don't see anything
about USB-connected disks and fstab entries.


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