2.3.99pre1, ide-scsi, scsi, modules

From: Matthew Dharm (mdharm-scsi@one-eyed-alien.net)
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 16:28:30 EST

When using 2.3.99pre1, the configuration programs let you choose ide-scsi
to be compiled in when compiling scsi as a module. Attempting to modprobe
the scsi module causes several undefined symbol errors and the module
refuses to load.

Making ide-scsi and scsi both modules makes it work.

Matt Dharm

Matthew Dharm                              Home: mdharm@one-eyed-alien.net 
Engineer, Qualcomm, Inc.                         Work: mdharm@qualcomm.com

It was a new hope. -- Dust Puppy User Friendly, 12/25/1998

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