Re: Overcomittable memory

From: Rask Ingemann Lambertsen (
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 13:05:36 EST

Den 13-Mar-00 17:16:23 skrev Michael Bacarella fĝlgende om "Re: Overcomittable memory (Was: Linux 2.2.15pre12)":
>> > A big rendering process that fork()/exec()s lpr.
>> > Without overcommit you'd need to have the 500 MB of swap free
>> > that the big simulation is using, even though it'll only use
>> > 1 MB for the little process that's being exec()ed...
>> This doesn't mean that overcommit is a good idea. It just means that
>> fork()/exec() is not a good way of launching programs. Using overcommit to

> fork()/exec() is the greatest thing to happen to UNIX and I trust you know
> why. Using something like spawn() to invoke a new process would make me
> feel dirty and in need of showering with brillo.

   Much of this whole thread demonstrates why fork()/exec() is not great
for launching programs, the example above is just one of them. As someone
else pointed out (correctly, AFAIK), using vfork()/exec() instead is the


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