Re: core dump for multithreaded apps (2.2 kernels)

From: Nicholas Vinen (
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 12:29:04 EST

   This sounds very useful. I'm porting a multithreaded app to Linux and
found core dumps to be basically useless. Now ideally, I'd like to be able
to see all thread states at crash time. However I guess the way threads
are implemented this isn't going to happen, since they're each a process?
Or am I wrong. It's actually quite important for a multithreaded app to
see the state other threads are in at some kind of fault incase it's a
resource locking issue. Anyway I'm sure what you've done will be better
than what was there before.
   I haven't tried the patch yet but I certainly will.

        Nicholas Vinen


On Tue, 14 Mar 2000, Patrick Wildi wrote:

> Hello, > > I have been frustrated by the way core dumps work for > multithreaded applications under linux (2.2 series). > Instead of dummping the process that caused the > exception, the current implementation dumps the > last one to exit. Unfortunatley that one is useless > in getting any traceback off where the exception > happened. > > The patch below changes the behaviour and dumps > the first one (the one causing the exception). > I am "abusing" a reserved bit in mm->def_flags. > > This patch seems to work for me. But I would > welcome feedback. > > Patrick >

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