Re: 2.2.15pre10: TCP problem

From: TenThumbs (
Date: Tue Feb 29 2000 - 11:08:36 EST

Chris Dunlop wrote:
> Hi,
> There seems to be a problem with TCP in 2.2.15pre10. The same problem occurs
> in at least 2.2.14pre5, 2.2.14pre9 and 2.2.15pre10.
> Following is the tail end of a tcpdump of an attempt to pick up the latest
> netscape communicator using ncftpget. The command line used was:
> ncftpget -F
> Everything looks fine until the packet where we issue the PASV command,
> but then we don't seem to see their ack/reply. We issue the same packet
> again, and they try sending their reply a few times, but we seem to be
> missing it.
> This same transfer worked without problems under 2.0.35.
> Cheers,
> Chris,
> OnTheNet

Either switch to active-mode ftp or turn off tcp_timestamps. Netscape has been
screwed up this way for a while; probably a broken firewall.

Still, the server does send packets which the kernel ignores. I wonder if this
is right?

Now that the merger is complete, the massively parallel product lines
give a clear channel towards plug-ins. If you have any questions or
concerns, the high visions are not HTML authoring tools.

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