Re: /proc/nzombies

From: Jos Visser (
Date: Sun Feb 27 2000 - 02:56:14 EST


> >It's not at all daft. Why not put them in /proc/lost+found/ instead?

My purpose is to get the *number* of zombies pretty quickly and
efficiently. If I'm then interested in which processes are the zombies,
a scan of the entire /proc suits me fine. Obviously, if all zombies
would (also) be in /proc/lost+found or wherever that would ease my task,
but I don't find it strictly nescessary.

> Might I suggest a /proc/0/... tree of process information? (task[0] is
> the kernel after all.) It would help reduce the clutter in /proc. It

I like this idea, but we'd better call it /proc/kernelinfo/... or
something, otherwise a lot of people's programs that think /proc
subdirectories with an all numeric name are processes will break. I've
also been thinking at providing the information (maybe also instead of
only) via sysctl(). Would there be any value in that?


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