smp irq affinity and new irq stuff

From: Andrea Arcangeli (
Date: Sat Feb 26 2000 - 23:12:57 EST

I ported the SMP irq affinity code and the per-irq-desc locking to alpha
(plus the ->end semantical change). I checked it works fine here. The
sys_dp264 is the only port that actively uses SMP irq affinity it (because
it's the only one capable of SMP irq scaling) and so it's also the only
one who currently needs lowlevel controller locking. There are also a few
common code changes (the irq_stat is useless on alpha, on alpha there's a
better cpu_data smp struct where all the per-cpu things gets allocated)
There are a few IA32 irq.c cleanups for some 64bit issue. It removes the
generic_irq_count also from the alpha port. It updates alpha paging_init
thing and cleanups even more the irq.c moving the alpha stuff in a new
alpha_irq.c and srm irqs stuff in srm_irq.c.

All the alpha platforms should be updated.




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