Re: [BUG] (alpha) kernel thread panics due to stale PTBR settings in 2.3.47

From: Manfred Spraul (
Date: Fri Feb 25 2000 - 17:53:59 EST

Dave Anderson wrote:
> If this is still a work in progress, excuse my interruption, but if
> not,
> the alpha enter_lazy_tlb() should update the kernel task's ptbr with
> the
> oldmm's pgd. Right?

I added enter_lazy_tlb() for i386 [I needed it for the new lazy tlb
flush code], and I added empty functions for all other architectures.

Note that Richard Henderson found another problem with the current alpha
tlb code design:
Richard Henderson wrote on 06 Feb 2000:
> But this leads to a different failing scenario:
> CPU0: CPU1:
> switch_mm(A,mmA)
> this implies A->thread.asn
> and mmA->context are valid.
> flush_tlb_other(A)
> this implies mmA->context is 0.
> switch_to(A)
> Now A->thread.asn is out of
> sync with mmA->context.
> This will require some thought to avoid scrogging schedule entirely.


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