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From: Horst von Brand (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 23:42:47 EST

"Khimenko Victor" <> said:
> In <> Stephen C. Tweedie (sct@re
> wrote:


> ST> No. In a multi-user O/S, such media/drive failures have to be handled
> ST> automatically. There really isn't scope for much in the way of user
> ST> interaction for two reasons. First, if you just buffer dirty data until
> ST> the user happens to restore the disk, then you are wide open to
> ST> denial-of-service attack as the user has effectively pinned a large
> ST> amount of dirty data in memory.
> 1. Not so large.

Just repeat at will with new floppies until something gives out.

> 2. You can limit this amount (of course slocate should be
> suspended till floppy is inserted back).

And then somebody turns the machine off, and the 20 pending floppies are
all screwed. Or user forgets the floppy was pending and takes it elsewhere.

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