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Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 14:18:03 EST

In <> Stephen C. Tweedie ( wrote:
> Hi,

> On Wed, 23 Feb 2000 17:34:43 -0000, "Towers, Tim (London)"
> <ttowers@MLE.CO.UK> said:

>> However, to protect users who have a removable media removed whilst
>> writes are occurring - Is there a way of remembering unwritten data
>> and requeueing it if a semi-written media is placed back in.

> Not really --- there is no reliable way to determine that it is the same
> disk which has been replaced,

There ARE such way: both FAT and EXT2FS use serial numbers. Of course it's
filesystem-specific thing but two mentioned above are by far most common ones
in Linux world.

> and queuing things to the wrong disk would be fatal.

This is true :-(

> You're also risking serious virtual memory deadlock problems
> if you "pin" that dirty data without hope of writeback for an extended
> period of time, although that effect could be limited with work.

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