suggestion - "reboot=nopost"

From: Mark Smith (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 21:56:24 EST

Hi All,

I have a machine which, even though I have "reboot=warm" set, takes at least
5 to 10 seconds to get through the power on self test.

As I bounce back and forth between Linux and NT quite often, and this delay
is starting to become very annoying, I was wondering if it would be
possible to have linux avoid the power on self test (it could be argued that
a standard system reboot is not a "power on" anyway ;-) ), and jump straight
to booting the master boot record on the first bootable disk.

I could also see where this reduction in reboot time might be useful to
people who want the system back up and running as fast as possible eg. a
reboot triggered by the soft watchdog.

I would love to have a go myself at doing this, but I don't know anywhere
near enough about kernel programming or PC hardware. I am hoping somebody
else who does know enough might have a go if they think this feature would
be worthwhile (the next step after code re-use - "knowledge re-use"!).

If you have any comments etc, please send them back directly to me - I am
not subscribed to the kernel mailing list.


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