Re: What /proc should contain [was: /proc/driver/microcode]

From: Richard Gooch (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 19:17:46 EST

  Guys, it looks like we've got two "competing" objectives:

- ASCII, human-readable output which doesn't require specialised tools

- binary, computer-readable I/O which does require specialised tools.

But these objectives don't *have* to compete. They're actually

It *is* possible to have the best of both worlds. Have a look at the
MTRR driver. It's got an ioctl(2) interface for the benefit of X, and
it's got a simple read(2)/write(2) interface for the benefit of humans
and script writers.

You get efficiency and convenience for programmes (ioctl(2) interface)
and convenience for humands (read(2)/write(2) interface).



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