Re: YMF-740C driver?

From: Aaron Burt (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 16:35:04 EST

In-Reply-To: <>
from "Mike Galbraith" at Feb 24, 2000 06:39:02 AM

Alan Cox <> wrote:
> (Mike Galbraith) wrote:
> > Is there a (GPL) driver anywhere for this chip? If not, does anyone
> > have a pointer to docs?
> There are no docs
> There is no driver
> There is nobody at Yamaha who cares

AFAICT, per, the
DS-1x series (YMF724, YMF740, YMF744, YMF754) use the same driver.

Looks like the datasheet at for the YMF-754 should
provide enough info to make the SBPro playback-only emulation go. Support
for the other nifty features (digital in/out, etc.) shall come when Yamaha
acquires a clue. Heck-- even their motorcycle line needs rethinking.

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