Re: APIC and some timers stuff

From: Michael Barabanov (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 11:09:08 EST

jamal ( wrote:
> >We are trying to implement Differentiated Services on Linux. In order to
> >develop a DiffServ router, we need really precise oneshoot timers with a
> >resolution of 0.5 - 1us, something that would do "call this function in
> >67 us +/- 1 us".
> >I had a look on some "software" solutions (utime, libvtimer, rtai), but
> >they do not seem to be able to guarantee the precision we need. So I am
> >looking on some hardware solutions.

Actually, RTLinux, being a software solution, _can_ guarantee +/- 1us precesion
for scheduling.


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