Re: SMBFS: recvmsg called within BH (was: Re: One more boobytrap needed for 2.2.15pre ?)

From: Andris Pavenis (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 02:46:24 EST

On Wed, 23 Feb 2000, Manfred Spraul wrote:
> Andris, do you use smbfs?


And there are also some problems with SMBFS (new with 2.2.X):
After some time connection to shares (shared from WinNT 4.0) is lost.
This problem appeared when I upgraded to 2.2.X. Therefore I used some
periodic task (once per some minutes called 'df -t smbfs') to keep
connection alive


> I found the first codepath that could cause your problems:
> Within net bottom half handler:
> ip_rcv()
> calls ip_local_deliver()
> calls tcp_v4_rcv()
> calls tcp_v4_do_rcv()
> calls tcp_rcv_established()
> calls sk->data_ready
> could be smb_data_callback() [in fs/smbfs/sock.c]
> calls _recvfrom()
> calls socket->ops->recvmsg()
> could be inet_recvmsg
> calls tcp_recvmsg !!!!! < this must not be called from an BH.
> Ok, it seems that smb_data_callback() is broken in 2.2.14.
> It cannot read the data directly, it must wake the waiting thread up,
> and the thread must call recvmsg() at process level.
> --
> Manfred

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