[PATCH] - Improved disk accounting support

From: Sébastien Godard (sebastien.godard@wanadoo.fr)
Date: Sun Feb 13 2000 - 04:43:37 EST

Hi all,

Until now, Linux has no real disk accounting support. The 'page' field in
/proc/stat counts the number of calls made to make_request, which is almost
useless since the request size depends on the device.

Attached is a small (and simple) patch (iopatch-2.2.14.gz), made against
kernel 2.2.14, which counts the number of _kilobytes_ read from or written to

It adds two new fields in /proc/stat, 'disk_pgin' and 'disk_pgout':

 * it supports the first four devices as the other 'disk_*' fields in
/proc/stat do,
 * it does _not_ break existing programs,
 * I have successfully tested it for a few months on various 2.2.x kernels.

Ok, now give it a try and tell me if it may be included in the mainstream

Please CC your answers since I am not subscribed to the list...

Sébastien Godard <sebastien.godard@wanadoo.fr>

Unix _is_ user friendly, but it is just selective about who its friends are!

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